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Thursday, 12 January 2012

new addition to the funny farm

it all started with my darling cousin's seemingly harmless status update stating that she had 3 chow mix puppies to give away. i didn't expect to be getting a puppy, but i was curious as to what they would look like and... ok, well the seed had been planted. now BF really does not like the animals that we now have, with the exception of kitty, our oldest cat. there has been many an occasion when he's stormed out of the house bitching about the animals that are "completely useless". 

anywho, i simply commented on the aforementioned status: "pics?", promptly forgot all about it, and was greeted the next morning with 3 ADORABLE pics she had tagged me in. i was in LOVE. and while i do realize that i already have a lot on my plate between the 3 kids, 2 cats, a parrot, and one very temperamental chihuahua, BF and i had previously agreed that a bigger dog was definitely in our future. 

so i went ahead and made the decision without his input. NOT COOL, i know.. but how could i resist that face? and also the research i did that stated how chows are very protective of their people and homes. that is EXACTLY what i need in this neighbourhood. no, i am not saying that i want my dog to be vicious and wild and bite people's asses off.. but it would be nice to know that any potential thief or peeping tom {we have a lot of both} will think twice about messing with my house when there's a big, bear-looking dog sitting in the window. BF and i had discussed getting a pitbull from his friends for this very purpose.. but to be realistic, we can't afford a purebred dog right now, and it seems unfair to all the mixed breeds out there who would be just as protective of the house, just as loyal, and just as wonderful as a member of the family. plus, i gave him the deadliest blow job of his LIFE the night before i got the puppy, so i could have set the house on fire and still be in his good graces. hehehe.

another underhanded aspect of my puppy acquisition was the way i got the kids onboard with my scheme before BF was even aware of the dog's existence. yes, i know. shady as fuck. but look at the pic!! try saying no to that wittle face! 

"sonny" & #1
in the end, BF wasn't mad. he laughed and teased me a bit, because he knows as well as i do that i am the one that is home most of the time, so i am usually the one who takes care of the pets. and even though the big, tough, bad-ass of a man wouldn't dare admit it, he was as bowled over by the near skull-imploding cuteness of the puppy as i was. while the kids and i squealed with glee and hugged the poor thing damn near furless, he said, "i like how it looks like a bear." in BF-talk, that is the equivalent of "SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!"

it hasn't all been smooth sailing since, though. the regular puppy business i did expect: the waking up multiple times in the night to take her out for a pee/poop, as well as the customary crying at night. but i was able to soothe her to sleep by just sitting calmly by her kennel for a few minutes. what i didn't expect was spike's utter HATRED of this little intruder. he's attacked her once, because even though he is a tiny little thing, he is one bad ass motherfucker at heart. i will continue researching ways of getting spike to come to terms with our new furbaby as soon as possible. i'm also hoping that the puppy's calm demeanour will rub off on him. 
"watson" the newbie

another little glitch that i hadn't expected was kitty to act out as a result of the new puppy. i should have anticipated some kind of retaliation, though, now that i think about it. he is a cat, and they are spiteful bastards. and of course, we had been through this last year when spike joined our little family. this morning, i was greeted by a huge pile of cat turd by the front door, compliments of kitty. but, i know that these things will pass in time. kitty and spike will somehow learn to forgive me, and we will be back to our old routine. and if anyone ever, EVER posts anything about puppies or kitties needing a home, i will look away {possibly at the litter box, or at a chewed pair of shoes}, give my head a shake, and resist the urge! XD  

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