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Friday, 20 April 2012

the biggest pet peeve of all

depending on how long you've been following this little collection of mental flatulence {i.e. brain farts}, you may or may not be familiar with a blog entitled "pet peeves" that i wrote awhile back. well today, i have added yet another item to that list of stupid, unnecessary bullshit that makes volcanic ash come billowing from my motherfucking ears. this time, it's is a little more serious.. i'd advise you to either put on a helmet or wrap your head in something soft at this time, as this is some stupid fucking shit that should NOT be happening in this day and age. ready? here we go...

really?? like fucking REALLY?? ok, ok.. i AM a smoker, and sometimes {depending on the time of the month} i smoke like a motherfucking chimney. but i'm an adult, and it is my choice to set fire to a little bundle of tobacco and inhale the carcinogenic smoke into my lungs, several fucking times a day. so no hatin' at all is directed at people who choose to do so as well. we know the consequences and shit. BUT here's the thing: while i will knowingly suck carcinogens into my body to fuel this sick addiction, never UNDER ANY MOTHERFUCKING CIRCUMSTANCES am i going to allow that same shit around my children. they have the RIGHT to clean air that is safe to breathe. therefore, when i want a fucking smoke, i GO THE FUCK OUTSIDE. i don't give a single sweet flying fuck if it's cold, wet, or the four horsemen of the motherfucking apocalypse are riding through the rez.. out the door i go.

so you can imagine my absolute fucking SHOCK and ANGER when i see poor little kids strapped into their fucking car seats {safety first motherfucker! smh}, while their parent(s) sit with them in the car puffing away and justifying their actions by saying, "oh look, it's all going out the window!!" NO MOTHERFUCKER, IT IS NOT. 

then there's the fuckwits who seemingly could care less, and just smoke their brains out in the house, as if there were no children present. the house reeks of smoke, there's ashtrays overflowing with butts {and don't those look absolutely WONDERFUL to find a toddler sucking on?}, and the poor kid usually has a constant wheeze/cough, and is always getting ear infections and shit. dirty, selfish, fucking IMBECILES. 

yes, this is a sore subject for me because *i* grew up in a smoking home. back then, it wasn't unheard of for parents to continue to smoke indoors after their bundles of joy were brought home {often from a smoky hospital}. hell, my earliest memories are being at the dinner table trying to wave away the smoke from a cigarette smouldering in the ashtray 2 fucking inches away from my SUPPER! i was fucking 5. it was not FUN. so do me a favor. next time you see some fuckwit nonchalantly puffing away on a cig {and maybe even saying "oh no, don't go outside. we smoke indoors here, it's cool"}, give them a fucking piece of your mind. seriously. this shit is CHILD ABUSE.


  1. *shudder*
    I remember smoking in restaurants, which didn't bother me so much as a kid, but GAG IN THE HOUSE OR IN THE CAR?! that shit just ain't right!

  2. My mom said that while she was in labor with me, she was smoking in the delivery room!

  3. Ew and never! You are absolutely right about our children deserving the right to clean air. We don't smoke in the house either. And I would look like an idiot if I said otherwise...we have a covered porch! No much as I don't want to have to get up in the middle of a movie for a smoke, I know it's the right thing to do.

  4. My niece and nephew frequently have all manner of respiratory infections. My niece was a preemie and has been hospitalized many times for respiratory infections. Her dumbass mother refuses to believe that smoking in the car with the window cracked is part of the cause. She also refuses to believe that it is not okay to smoke in the house even with the window cracked or the exhaust fan on. Sometimes, I want to kill her. But I want to kill her husband more b/c he KNOWS it is wrong and has said so but feels it's "too hard" to argue with his wife. Might be ice pick time.