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Saturday, 4 February 2012

kitchen bitch has a chat with ~My Inner Child Is a Drunken Whore~

recently i had the opportunity to interview everyone's favorite drunken whore: the mad genius behind the fb page, as well as a spankin' new blog, known to many as ~My Inner Child Is a Drunken Whore~

now if you haven't checked out her page or blog, i strongly urge you to do so now, because it is the shit! click HERE, fuckers.

anywho.. on with the interview :)


r&r: well, hello Whore! um, i can call you that right?
Whore: of course you can, everyone else does.

r&r: first things first.. are you watching the Superbowl? Who ya rootin' for?
Whore: yes i'm watching the game, and i'm voting for the PATRIOTS... mainly because i'd like to spank Tom brady's ass with a raw chicken.

{i heave a MASSIVE fucking sigh of relief that i'm not stuck interviewing one of those football hatin' bitches in need of a cunt punt}

r&r: you have a thing for raw chicken? or is it just that Tom Brady makes you crazy? {fucker makes me crazy too.. YUM}
Whore: meebee a leetle of both *wink wink*

{i find myself both afraid and weirdly excited}

r&r: you have a totally kick ass fb page, and more recently, a blog. when did you start, and why?
Whore: the page i started november 19, 2011 and the blog a couple weeks ago. as for why, most of my facebook friends are boring as fuck, and it was suggested that i am a funny bitch.. so i said, "hey, why the fuck not?" and that's how my baby was created.

r&r: thank fuck for boring facebook friends!! i don't know what i'd do without my favorite whore!!
what would you say is the best part of being a kick ass, sexxxy fb page admin?
Whore: rawrr... you think i'm sexy? you should say that again, but with your pants off ;)

r&r: o.O {demurely flashing a bit of leg}
*ahem* well, back to the subject at hand.. what is the worst thing about being a page admin?
Whore: trying to keep up with it between work and family. 

r&r: well, i think you're doing great! any troll horror stories you'd like to share?
Whore: i have this one particular horror story, but it would take too long and you know about it anyway. it's more of a TROLL HUNTER story though.
{i nod knowingly and shudder at the shared memory}

r&r: you are a drunken whore. what is your drink of choice?
Whore: drink of choice is nuvo (the pink kind)

r&r: wtf is in that flask? can i have some??
Whore: {giggling} i have roofie-laced nyquil and yes you can have some, BUT i will take advantage of you.. just a warning :)
{i think, "ehhh, what the hell?" and take a swig of the flask}

r&r: craziest thing you've drunk?
Whore: four loko---that shit is INSANE!
{alcohol AND caffeine? i think i love this bitch!!}

r&r: fuck, marry or kill-justin bieber, tom brady, prince?
Whore: FUCK tom brady, KILL justin bieber, MARRY prince
{yep, i love this fuckin bitch!}

r&r: do you have anything to say to any aspiring drunken whores out there?
Whore: just that they better stop aspiring, because i'm the only drunken whore around!

r&r: {throwing papers in the air} well, that's about all i got. wanna go get drunk and dirty?
Whore: take another sip of my flask and we'll see what happens ;)




  1. Replies
    1. did you click "suck my toe"??
      do you have pretty feet? LOL jk

  2. Replies
    1. ohhh imagine the trouble we'd all get into if set loose on an unsuspecting public o.O

  3. shit then what can i call myself? if not drunken whore is it way to close to say drunken slut?....I am so happy i found you my bestie always said i was a sloppy drunken whore and thats why she loved me! but YOU make this shit look FUCKING AWESOME!

    1. hmmm... i can suggest skank, trollop, hussy... LOL
      glad you liked it!! ~My Inner Child Is a Drunken Whore~ is an awesome page, with a great admin. i love her, even though she took advantage of me o.O

  4. Haha best interview ive read in awhile. Makes me sad I forgot the NyQuil at the store today, aw well still got the roofies!